Diamantal Multicoloured Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace Gold Plated


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DIAMANTAL is a crystal gleaming from the eastern desert sand, filled with sun, warmth and happiness to illuminate our moments of grace and seduction. Original designs that attract the most discerning eyes in search of tyrannical beauty. Its shapes and angles cut from the crystal material so strong and hard break the light down into a single clear color to make it burst into multi-coloured rainbow. The secret? DIAMANTAL’s crystal has superior qualities compared to its competitors. Even if the European standard (Council Directive 69/493/EEC of 15 December 1969) requires a minimum concentration of 24% lead oxide (PbO) to have the right to name a glass of crystal, our crystal offers an extraordinary 30% rate. The glass is classified as crystal according to its lead oxide content which makes the crystal more shiny, more transparent but also more difficult to work.


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