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We have developed a complete ERP solution for C&F company. You can run your business very easily by using this ERP, cost reduce & well management system with built in accounts software.


  • Two type login – 01. Agent Login 02. Admin Login
  • You can add admin and delete admin from admin login panel
  • You can check admin list from admin login panel
  • You can add agent and delete agent from admin login panel
  • You can check agent list from admin login panel
  • You can add terminals and delete terminals from admin login panel
  • You can check terminals list from admin login panel
  • You can add party and delete party from admin login panel
  • You can check party list from admin login panel
  • Expense field listing
  • You can add jobs and delete jobs from admin login panel
  • You can check jobs list from admin login panel
  • Manage your cashbook, comission and accounts list
  • Manage ledger entry, ledger entry type and ledger entries
  • Manage bill register, bill entries
  • CTG – bank, received & expense records
  • Android & iOS mobile app ready

IOS App Development

iPhone is the most wanted next-gen mobile in today’s market with advanced apps, hi-tech features and multi-tasking interface not to forget multi-touch screen, advance GPS navigation, HD video recording, editing, accelerometer, and much more.

Android App

Android App Development

At ACL we understand the huge potential Android offers as an application development platform. Our expertise on the platform is such that we not only develop Android applications but also we develop i phone Application.

Hybrid App

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid mobile apps are also very popular. this can harness the full power of web servers. Hybrid Mobile App server side also scripting technologies. Hybrid Mobile App development is truly the right way to develop a business. This will also increase the productivity of the app that can reside on cloud. With our help your app will be developed and deployed quickly and allow for rapid changes. Get your Hybrid mobile app developed by us.


Mobile App Branding

Mobile App branding is far most important thing of Mobile App branding. You are not finished after developing your innovative idea into a functional mobile application. We can also help you with professional maintenance of your mobile app. With the support of our professional help we will help you to brand your mobile app. We will provide support and optimization services. We will make sure that your app is never off the track.