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  • A personal or professional license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support except for the Master License – which has no such limit! The Unlimited or Master License also allows you to install our plugin on any number of websites you have.

    The licenses let you use the product, by you or a client, in an end product which the end users are not charged for. No license allows you to redistribute or resell any of our products. AmaderCode Lab will exercise its full legal right to protect its intellectual properties and take actions as required. The AmaderCode Lab License allows/authorizes you to use our products – the code and files remain the property and copyright of AmaderCode Lab (

    Our master license allows you to use and install the product on unlimited number of websites. This is assuming you will be the one developing the websites for you or your clients, but it is still your license. In this way, you’re “selling” an installation and *customization service to your clients using our product but they don’t own their own license, nor are they eligible for customer support through us. Also, if you modify the core product code to remove branding or do something else, we will be unable to provide support for such customization.

    Why do you purchase a subscription plan?

    The Personal and Professional Licenses include 1 year of Updates and Support. After the 1 year period, your Single Website License will expire and you will have no download access for the product/products from your AmaderCode Lab Account Dashboard. However, the plugin will continue to work as is on your website! You will just be unable to download newer version or get support.

    WordPress is evolving daily. We need to keep our plugin compatible with latest WordPress, WooCommerce etc. Otherwise, the products will stop working. The subscription mode helps us keep our products updated and improving it continuously.

    Before the term of 1 year expires, you will need to purchase an Upgrade your License to receive any discounted price offered. If your License expires, or after the term of 1 year you will need to purchase a new license at full price.

    Will your card get charged automatically after one year for subscription?

    No. You will be notified by email to manually renew your license. You can, of course, cancel any time. If your license expires, you can keep using the plugin but won’t receive any more support or updates.

    Including Our Plugins with Your Theme or Products

    We are plugin developers and have several plugins that are suitable for use with other end products.Please contact us with any questions or feedback you might have.

    If necessary, we will work with you to make the plugins more suitable to meet your goals.

    We are open to deep discounts and other possibilities. But for use with your end products you must contact with us first and obtain a special license.