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  • AmaderCode Lab stands behind all of our products and we will resolve any faults or imperfections found in any of our products. This we can guarantee. If for some reason, we cannot make the plugin work on your site as described – we will offer 100% refund!

    All our plugins have a free version available. We encourage you to try the free version before buying the pro version to ensure that the pro version matches your expectation.

    If you have any questions on configuring the product please contact us anytime.

    We release each of our product with useful and innovative features and spend hundreds of hours testing and developing them. They are our babies! Still, the WordPress eco system is vast and it is expected to run into some conflicts or server environment issue occasionally. If you find anything wrong with your plugin functionality, please cooperate with us and give us a chance to fix the issue by opening a support ticket with us.

    We offer 15 days money back guarantee if you request support and we are unable to get the product working on your website similar to the product demo. Before applying for refund request please read the following conditions. Please note that we do not offer a refund for features that a product does not include already. If you have a pre-sale question please contact us here.

    We will offer 100% refund

    1. If the product you purchased is non-functional for our faulty.
    2. If we cannot get the product to work as shown in our Live demo after you requested support
    3. If we fail to respond to your support post in 48 hours maximum (business days only).
    4. If the product has not been downloaded within 6 hours after purchase 
    5. If a product is “not as described” – materially different from the product’s main description and live demo

    We cannot offer a refund

    1. If you have changed your mind and simply say that you do not want it anymore
    2. If you bought an item by mistake and the product(s) was sent/already downloaded by you.
    3. If you ask for any feature that is not already listed in our product description. (please check the feature list and the demo preview to understand what the product does and ask us any pre-sale questions you might have)
    4. If you do not have sufficient expertise to use the item
    5. If you have previously availed support from us for the product you bought
    6. If you do not open a support ticket from our support portal first & do not mail at – and give us a chance to find a solution to any issue you might have
    7. We do not refund if the product has been purchased on discount.

    You must request support and refund within 3 days of purchase.  You can open a support request from our Support Portal here.


    Due to the digital nature of our product and immediate delivery via email, download link, or AmaderCode Lab account download access, we do not exchange Products or Platforms.

    It is the customer’s responsibility to purchase the correct product.

    *One exception: If you realize you have purchased the incorrect product, if you contact AmaderCode Lab before the product is downloaded, we can change the product/platform to the correct one.


    You are allowed to make any necessary modifications to the purchased products to fit your purposes as long as the changes are in accordance with license you acquire. Basically, if you just do not start (re)selling our product with some re-branding and modifications – it’s all good. However, we will be unable to provide any support when core plugin code or functionality is modified.

    Unauthorized Use

    Reselling or redistributing our products without approval from our Company is expressly prohibited.

    Reselling Your Website with Our Plugin Installed

    You can create a website with our plugin installed and sell the website for use by one client. This practice is fine so long as you are not bundling the plugin as part of a premium theme or another end product and selling that in bulk to end users. You will need special license for that. Please contact us for more details.


    Installation can be made by our installation service or by you. You may contact us to use our installation service via the contact form.

    General Information

    You may modify your product to fit the purpose or design of your requirement. However, you are expressly prohibited from redistributing or reselling our products without consent. One website means one WordPress installation.