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An access and secret keys are required to perform API requests. We need to deal with additional two separate Amazon services apart from Amazon Associates.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the To register as a Product Advertising API developer section.

Step 1 – Create a Product Advertising API Account

Before you create an access key, you have to make sure you have singed up with Amazon Product Advertising API.

Step 2 – Sign up with Amazon Web Service

Next, create an account with Amazon Web Service(http://aws.amazon.com/). At the top right pull-down menu, you can navigate to My Account/Console -> Security Credential.

Step 3 – Create an Access Key

In the Security Credentials page, find the section named Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) and click on that.

Then press the Create New Access Key button to create a key. Don’t forget to keep the secret access key as well. Amazon has changed the policy not to let the user to obtain the secret key later on.

Also note that at the point that an access key is issued, if you have not created an account with Product Advertising API, the key will be invalid. If that happens, delete the created access key and go back to the previous step.

You can check if your access key is valid or not with Scratchpad.

 Now Click General Settings Tab 

  • Business For -> Affiliate marketting
  • Select as per as your requirement -> product display options
  • Change buy now label
  • Enable no follow link
  • Change view details label -> click save
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