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WooCommerce One Page Checkout Shop

WooCommerce One Page Checkout Shop Plugin for Restaurant Online Order, Food Menu, Grocery Shops, Wholesale shops, Jewelry Shop etc.

One/Single page shop

Using our WOPCS plugin you can integrate your all woo products into a one page with bulk order form. Without leaving the page purchasers/customer can quickly add products to the cart easily.

Load all product without page load by ajax

By default you can display 10 products, but you can display more you want from your backend. Also using load more (which is built in integrated options on there) visitor can load more product without page loading.

Filter all product by Name, SKU, Category even product dategory

WooCommerce One Page Checkout Shop supports product sorting. You can filter products by clicking on the product title, sku and prices. Your customers can change the order of WooCommerce products in ascending or descending.

Advance user experience with flying product to cart

Using this plugin you will get the best experience of advance cart UI. After click on AJAX Add to cart button, this product will fly your cart list. Only this feature fresher/new customer also can checkout and complete any online order.

Floating Quick Cart

Floating cart list to view all cart item from all page. Using floating quick cart customer can decide easily when he/she have to checkout. Not only that customer can remove any cart item if he/she don’t want to buy this item.

All Options are control by shortcode

WooCommerce One Page Checkout Shop provides powerful shortcode to build your store.Just copy and paste this shortcode ([woo-onepage-shop]) into page where you want to display one page checkout shop.

100% mobile friendly based on container width not window width

WooCommerce One Page Checkout Shop is build with modern responsive technology.Using this technology your product layout will load based on its page container width not browser width.

Custom CSS Area to Add Your Own Style

Using custom CSS option anyone can change and re-arrange its fronted UI. This option help to branding your product not only that this style will exist event you change wordpress theme.